The Vagabond Cook – Il Cuoco Vagabondo!

On October 1st I started walking…in Italy, the country which is often considered the centre of gastronomy. Along the way I have had the pleasure of sampling some of the most exquisite food (and wine!). And also, I have had the opportunity to cook for people who have hosted me. For those who have known me over the last few years, you’ll know that I enjoy dinner parties, and cooking for friends and family…and their family and friends as well!

I have spent the last 5 days as a guest of the wonderful Zampiello family – Bruno, Luciana, Virna and Camilla – in Fondi.

Picnic at Sperlonga with the Zampiello Family
Picnic at Sperlonga with the Zampiello Family

They found me walking the Via Francigena outside their house, cold and wet after a night camping in the rain on a mountainside. I must have looked a little weather beaten, and they invited me to stay at their house, which happened to be just 100 metres away! And it was here at Casa Zampiello, during a recent evening cooking for their friends, that I was christened with a new nickname: Il Cuoco Vagabondo – The Vagabond Cook!

Me and Bruno had been discussing Sicily during the day, and like many conversations, the focus turned to food. Anyone who has visited Sicily knows how incredible the food is, especially the arancini. For those who have never tried one, arancini are rice balls filled with gooey mozzarella and sauce, and then coated in breadcrumbs and fried. They are divine! And so we decided to make them. And it was an especially happy occasion because Lucia Bricco came to visit from Rome. And she arrived just in time to help make Arancini!

Smiles all round from the Arancini makers
Smiles all round from the Arancini makers
Arancini, ready to cook with their filling

And the final word on the Arancini goes to Bruno: Buonissimo!!!

Bruno enjoying the Arancini
Bruno enjoying the Arancini

So who is the Vagabond Cook? I guess for me it is the part of the journey which encompasses anything to do with food! Whether it’s making, growing or learning, it will be recorded here. So I imagine that there will be some recipes to follow as well!

For the Arancini recipe click here

7 thoughts on “The Vagabond Cook – Il Cuoco Vagabondo!

  1. I think that you’ve just hit upon your success! So, you write the blogs, you post the recipes (this is important) and you become “The Vagabond Cook”. You will get so many followers and I’ll share it with everyone I know who loves to cook! Keep traveling and keep updating us!


  2. Congratulations Dave!! Nice to read and know about you.

    Just an advice, the same as Sammy`s: please write the recipe down!! We, readers, are very lazy. We love having everything easy!! After reading your blog I feel like arancini but if I have to search for the recipe I am sure I won´t never eat them (at least prepared by myself)


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