Finding the path

I’ve been having a few “new WordPress user problems” recently but I’m hoping that they are now behind me! So, on with the adventure…

While I stayed in Fondi, Bruno and Luciana (of Zampiello fame!) took me to visit all of the beautiful places in the area, untouched and blissfully quiet due to the fact it’s December. In beautiful winter sunshine we walked the gorgeous old town of Sperlonga and looked out at the pristine beaches below; we visited the stunning mountains and sanctuaries high up in the national park of Monti Aurunci, and took in the festive nativities in all number of postcard picturesque villages.mountainside

On one beautiful afternoon they took me to San Magno Monastery just outside Fondi. I had actually passed by a few weeks before but had decided not to go inside. Luckily for me the locals knew better! From the moment you enter the grounds there is an atmosphere of complete calm and tranquillity, which only intensifies when you enter the building itself. Built originally in 522 AD, it is now in the process of being restored, and enlarged to provide sanctuary for pilgrims. During the restoration work, underneath the plaster walls, they discovered a series of 9th century murals which are now lovingly preserved inside the sanctuary of the reconstructed rooms.

On one of the walls outside, written on a plaque, I found the following phrase:

“Chi vuole fare suo serio qualcosa trova la strada, gli altri una scusa”

which, translated into English (at least my interpretation) is:

“he who wants to do something real finds the path, the others an excuse”

It definitely made me think over the next few days. We are constantly saying I wish I could do this, or I would love to do that, BUT…

and then it’s gone, only a dream, something which needed us to grab the moment and just do it!

Over the last year and a half I have become increasingly fascinated with cheesemaking, mainly due to the fact that I also happen to love eating cheese! With all this in mind I made a phone call a few days later to an Agriturismo where they make mozzarella. Not just any mozzarella though. I’m talking the real deal: creamy fresh, hand made, mozzarella di Bufala! For a long time now I have wanted to learn how to make mozzarella, and it just so happens that I couldn’t have picked a better location.

La Fattoria Del Casaro is just a stones throw from the ancient city of Paestum, which preserves some of the most outstanding ruins of Magna Grecia to be found in Italy.


paestum templeThree Greek temples stand in almost perfect form, amongst the ruins of the ancient city. I visited Paestum 5 years ago when I was touring Italy, but to return now, and to be fulfilling one of those many dreams in sight of those towering Greek pillars, is something special.

paestum ruins

caseificio signSo next up…

The Mozzarella Experience at Fattoria Del Casaro.(

It looks like it’s going to be white Christmas after all!

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