Tomato Keftedes

The specialty of Santorini – sweet cherry tomatoes and basil make the base of these delicious “burgers”

3 lg onions, finely chopped
2kg tomatoes
1 courgette (grated)
lg splash olive oil
lg handful of fresh basil (blitzed with a little oil or very finely chopped)
200g – 300g flour (they use white but you can choose the type)

Salt and pepper


Squash and chop the tomatoes into a bowl – they don’t have to be all the same size.

Add the courgette, onions, basil and olive oil, salt and pepper.

Add the flour a little at a time and mix until the consistency is like a thick batter, just falling off the spoon.

With a dessert spoon place into hot oil and cook until golden brown, turning during cooking. Keep them moving so they don’t stick together.

Serve with a fresh salad, Tsatziki and crusty bread.

Oh, and of course…a smile 🙂IMG_4528




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