LUNA Brethren

It’s just a pair of sandals, right?
There is nothing flashy about a pair of LUNA sandals. They do not glow in the dark, or scream “look at me” with outrageous colours; they do not have all manner of high tech additions to complement your “running style”. Simply put, they fit your feet and do the job they were designed to do, with no fanfare, no eccentric extras (although the extras they do have are fundamentally fantastic!!!).

When you put on LUNAs you are suddenly part of a community, a brotherhood which belongs to the natural world, whose heart beats to the sound of a different drum. A connection with nature which comes from the desire to be connected with the ground under your feet.

How do I know this? If you see a fellow wearing the same brand as you, whether Nike, or New Balance, or the same Quechua branded clothing or Columbia walking shoes, do you stop and talk about it? I think not.
However, wandering around a square in a town in the mountains of Georgia, I heard a shout and a young guy jumped out and ran up to me. “LUNA brother!!!” He declared, as he held out another pair of Luna sandals. “You’re the first guy I’ve met wearing LUNA sandals!”. The feeling was mutual. We hugged and embraced as if we were the best of buddies, or long lost friends who have been reunited.
Why the connection? We were just two guys who happened to meet, with nothing in common but the same brand of footwear.
Which means that there is something deeper, something spiritual which connects all those who join the tribe of LUNA monkeys. It is the cry of freedom.

“Let me out, let me be free, let me feel the air, and the elements” we scream. We are a worldwide tribe which wants to be connected to the earth and to feel our hearts beating in time with the heart of nature.

Walking through Georgian Mountains in my LUNAs
Walking through Georgian Mountains in my LUNAs

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