Recipes from The Vagabond Cook

Who is the Vagabond Cook?

Well, number one, it’s me! I was given the name when I was cooking for my friends. But not just any friends. Bruno, Luciana, Virna and Camilla found me walking outside their house and invited me to stay. And in typical fashion, I made myself right at home (you can read more here). One evening I asked if I could cook – a typical English Sunday Roast in the South of Italy. My hosts had invited a number of friends and as dinner was served, one of the guests exclaimed the following:

“veramente sei il Cuoco Vagabondo…you really are the Vagabond Cook”

And so the Vagabond Cook was born!

Since 2013 I have actually become vegetarian. I still love the taste of meat. But I decided that being vegetarian is in line with how I wish to live my life. I do not wish any creature, human or animal, to suffer. And there is no doubt that an animal suffers when it is killed. So even though i would still love a steak, I prefer to forego my own pleasure.

Over the course of the journey, I was still eating meat, so there are still some recipes here from that time.

You can find traditional and contemporary recipes from my travels, which are hopefully simple enough to create at home. Some of them are courtesy of the wonderful people I meet along the way, others are creations by me, the Vagabond Cook!

Enjoy and let me know how they turn out!

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