Why A Taste of Ancient Routes?

The original concept is based on 2 passions in life: food and history…

A love affair with the kitchen…

I love food, and I love cooking. If I’m not in the kitchen, the chances are I’m thinking about when I will be and what I want to make. And the best thing about making food is when it’s for other people!

I want to learn from people who know about food – each country has its own special cuisine passed down through the ages, with wonderful traditions, specific rules and ways of doing things. I hope along the way I can watch, learn and collect recipes – a real taste of ancient routes.

Of course, as I enjoy cooking, I have also had the opportunity to cook for some of my hosts and new friends. This is how I was given my new name: the Vagabond Cook.

Here you can find recipes from my travels, and also some creations from the Vagabond Cook .

A hankering for history…


At primary school I remember seeing a picture of a Roman soldier in a book. It’s a vague memory but I know that somehow I was fascinated by the strangeness, and the (supposed) exoticness…and I was hooked. It was so different and fascinating. When I was 16, I finally had the chance to study Roman and Greek history, and that only served to enhance the appeal. I went on to study Ancient History and Archaeology at University, and now, after many years of saying “I will visit someday”, I am doing just that.

While walking I visited many beautiful sites, and I continue to enjoy seeing history in real time, not just on a screen or in books 😁

4 thoughts on “Why A Taste of Ancient Routes?

  1. I love food too and I love cooking and I also like travelling and specially slow travelling like walking in silence or singing and I also like sharing a walk a meal a landscape, a thread of silence and the surrounding sounds. Love. Laura.


  2. This is such a great idea–I’m glad that you’re putting what you studied to practice. It is so rewarding to understand the history behind the places that you visit. I know exactly how you feel because I studied Romanesque and Gothic art while in university, and then decided to walk the Camino de Santiago through France and Spain so that I could fully appreciate the pilgrimage churches along the way. Keep walking!


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